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Conflict Mineral Statement

„Conflict Minerals“ known as minerals like Tin, Tantalum, Tungsten and Gold, also described as 3TG minerals have there major sources in the Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC) and neighboring countries. The sale of these 3TG minerals directly financing armed groups which are engaged in civil war actions with major impacts in environmental and social damages to the civil population.

To prevent finanzing armed groups in these countries by 3TG minerals, the United State passed in July 2010 the Dodd-Frank Financial Reform & Consumer Protection Act, requiring all US US public companies and their supply chain to avoid 3TG minerals.

Taunuslicht expects from his suppliers not to source 3TG material from DRC or nearby countries.

Taunuslicht promotes from all suppliers, which use 3TG materials in their products to comply with the Dodd-Frank regulations.

Taunulicht will conclude all suppliers from future buisiness, particular suppliers of material that contain the above named materials, which are non-compliant with the Dodd-Frank regulations.



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